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Press conference | Global Monument Design Competition "Goddess of Love"

Đã cập nhật: 30 thg 4, 2023

The Global Monument Design Competition for the "Goddess of Love" has been officially launched to create a new symbol for the Valley of Love (Vallée d'Amour) in particular and the city of Da Lat in general. The most outstanding design ideas that express the beauty and significance of love will be honored and realized within the tourist area.

The competition is organized by Thanh Thanh Cong Tourist JSC (TTC Hospitality; HOSE: VNG), a member of TTC Group, in collaboration with the Vietnam Design Association HCMC (VDAS) and the Vietnam Design Award (VMARK). With a global scale, the organizers hope that the competition will receive the attention and support of specialized media units both domestically and internationally to contribute to creating a unique wonder that bears the imprint of Vietnam on the world tourism map.

Mr. Dang Van Thanh - Chairman of TTC Group, Chairman of the Jury Board

The competition is not only an opportunity for architects, designers, and all those who love and have a passion for the design/creative field in Vietnam and around the world to show their uniqueness and artistic perspective, but also an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities before 17 juries who are leading Professors, Doctorates, Chairman, Founders, Directors, Advisors, Experts,… from Japan, Hong Kong, Finland, the UK, the US, Poland, Chile, and Vietnam.

According to Mr. Dang Van Thanh - Chairman of TTC Group, Chairman of the Jury Board, believes that with its 130-year history of development and unique advantages in terms of nature and people, Dalat has long been a famous tourist city in Vietnam. TTC Group is fortunate to own the Vallée d'Amour - one of the most poetic tourist destinations in this region. "Through the competition, we hope to find the most beautiful and meaningful design for the Statue of the Goddess of Love that ensures the aesthetic elements, reflects the spirit of honoring love, contributes to creating breakthroughs and highlights of the Da Lat plateau, and promotes the development of tourism in Da Lat city in particular and Lam Dong province in general", he said.

According to the organizers, the Global Monument Design Competition "Goddess of Love" has an appealing prize pool, including 01 grand prize of VND400,000,000 in cash and a VND50,000,000-worth TTC Hospitality voucher; 05 creative prizes: each prize is VND10,000,000 in cash and a VND 10,000,000-worth TTC Hospitality voucher each. In addition, outstanding individuals will be honored at the VMARK Vietnam Design Awards 2023 Ceremony.

About Vallée d'Amour.

The Valley of Love, located 6km away from Da Lat city centre, is a stunning and valuable site that covers an area of nearly 140 hectares. Originally named Vallée d'Amour by the French in the 1930s, it became a national tourist attraction in 1998 and has since attracted both domestic and international tourists with its pleasant weather and breathtaking natural beauty.

During the past years, TTC Group has devoted much effort into developing and awakening the "muse" amidst the Da Lat plateau. We have introduced modern elements while also preserving cultural heritage and showing respect for the natural environment, giving it a fresh and heartfelt appearance. The tourist site is loved by many domestic and international tourists and has won many prestigious awards domestically and internationally.

Some images about the Valley of Love (Vallée d'Amour) of Da Lat

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